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Is Weed Less Deadly And Addictive Than Sugar?



One is a devilishly addictive drug which leaves addicts with rotting stumps for teeth, craving just one more ‘bowl’ of their favourite fix. The other is marijuana. People now think that sugar is actually more dangerous than weed, according to a poll conducted in America by the Wall Street journal.

Asked to pick out which was the most dangerous drug, 41% of people said tobacco, 24% said alcohol, 21% said sugar, and just 9% said weed, High Times reports.

Of course, one of the key differences is that you can’t get five years for dealing Frosties. A poll last year found that nearly half of Britons now back legalisation.

The poll of 2,000 people by survey company ORB found that 47% of people now back legalising cannabis for sale through licensed shops. In America, legalising cannabis seems like a near-unstoppable force – and a study argued that the British government would be £1 billion a year better off if we followed suit.


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