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Blake Griffin Traded to the Pistons



Trade Deadline Season kicked off early this year, as the Clippers pulled off the first blockbuster of 2018, sending Blake Griffin and Willie Reed to the Pistons for Tobias Harris, Avery Bradley, draft picks, and some Hot-N-Ready pizzas to be named later. It’s an intriguing move for Los Angeles, who appears to be trying to rebuild on the fly as opposed to a full-on tank. With the way Doc Rivers has been coaching this season, the Clips could very well still threaten for the final playoff spot in the West. Meanwhile, the Pistons have been on a slide, but Griffin’s talent could be enough to vault them into the postseason amid the flotsam that is the bottom half of the Eastern Conference.

Of course, the trade’s reverberations will also be felt throughout the league, as the falling off the Griffin domino could weirdly have far-reaching consequences for teams thousands of miles away. I’m really just reading some tea leaves and wildly speculating here, but here’s how the Griffin-to-Pistons trade could influence the rest of the deadline—and it starts with Blake’s former frontcourt running mate.



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