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Beyonce’s Performance Was Bigger Than Coachella



With all different kinds of shit happening in America there probably won’t be a more meaningful, cultural, political and radical performance by a musician this year, or any year soon, than Beyoncé’s headlining set at Coachella 2018 on Saturday night. The Queen Bee made history becoming the first black female artist to headline Coachella, performing with about 100 people in her entourage onstage for almost two hours, with only a few breaks, and her voice rarely flagged. She was also had special guest performances such as Jay – Z (of course) and then a true surprise, a reunion with her former Destiny’s Child groupmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

Beyoncé was set to perform at Coachella last year, but because of her pregnancy it was rescheduled for this year, which was perfect timing for her, as you can see all the hard work and time that was put into the performance. Take a look of clips of her performance below. (Lets hope the videos don’t get removed)

Two years after its release, Lemonade also found its way back on the iTunes top 10 chart after the amazing performance. She has also gotten a lot of praise and admiration from other fellow artists.