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City Of Los Angeles Budgets $430 Million To Help The Homeless



Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti has budgeted $430 million to help out the homeless, which is more than double of what the budget was last year ($180 million). Only about 20% of the proposed spending, however, would come from general fund money for direct services to homeless people, the rest is just borrowed money. Keep in mind 20% is $80 million, which means the other $350 million is going to Los Angeles County and whatever the fuck they want to do with it. And i have a FEELING that all that $350 million will be paid back from the taxes made off the sales of marijuana, which is once again a waste of tax money ! But what am i to know, right ? We will just ignore this situation like we never heard of it and let it sliiiiide on by.

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Source : LA Times


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