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Apple to Sue Samsung for $1 Billion Over Patent



Apple and Samsung return to the courtroom over a squabble initiated in 2011, when the Californian tech giant sued the Korean company over its Galaxy phone, citing patent and design infringements. The courts found in favor of Apple in 2012, but the two entities have spent past six years arguing about the amount of money owed by Samsung.

Originally ordered to pay $1 billion USD, the amount was reduced to $548 million USD, which was paid in full in 2015. However, Samsung appealed to higher courts, claiming that the fee was too high. The Supreme Court took note and directed the U.S. Court of Appeals to redetermine the amount owed to Apple. Naturally, Apple wants the full $1 billion USD, stating that “Samsung infringed millions and millions and millions of times,” while Samsung seeks to limit the fine to a mere $28 million USD.

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