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What Went Down At E3 2018



E3 2018 is arguably the biggest event in the gaming industry and it’s taking place in Los Angeles. The official E3 2018 dates are June 12 to June 14, but there is plenty of pre-show action happening in the days before and most likely after shows too. With big companies such as Sony, Microsoft, also their successful gaming franchise the Play station & Xbox as well as other gaming developers such as EA ( + more ) unveiling their latest or future projects. And its FUCKING BAD ASS.

Although i might not be a die hard fan of gaming, i still find it pretty dope & rad that its another way to connect just like the cannabis community. The best highlights for me so far is the Gears of War 5, Fallout 76, & HALO, FIFA, The Last Of Us Part II, Battlefield 5 + more !!

Anyways, to fully read about the event click here.

Source : TechRadar