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CDC Reports 80,000 Fatalities From The Flu Last Winter



The flu season is NO JOKE.

Tens of thousands of American deaths last winter are believed to have been caused by the flu and its related complications, making it the most severe season in at least four decades.

“We lost 80,000 people last year to the flu,” Dr. Robert Redfield, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

The number is thought to be the highest death toll for the flu since the winter of 1976-77.

The strain of flu that struck the U.S. last year was particularly severe. That strain tended to send people to the hospital and result in fatalities, particularly among those who are vulnerable, such as young children and the elderly. The season peaked in early February and was mostly over by the end of March.

The worst flu season on record, historians believe, took place in 1918, when more than 500,000 Americans died from the sickness.

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Source : Fox News 


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