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Kodak Black Walks Out On Ebro



With his new album ‘Dying to Live’ coming out December 14th, Kodak Black is enjoying the press by going to different radio stations promoting his album & socializing with the world. Something fans love since he isn’t really much of a social person, which allowed him to collaborate with big artists such as Bruno Mars, Gucci Mane + more.

Unfortunately on Hot 97 that wasn’t the case, as Ebro repeatedly kept bringing up the Florida rappers legal issues rather than his music causing Kodak to be irritated. It didn’t phase him though as he brushed off the questions with smooth / slick answers, until Ebro brought up his sexual assault case & some bullshit topic Rosenberg brought up.

Kodak demanded to change the subject or he’d leave but of course Ebro’s big head ass stated ‘we could end it right now’ & as the rapper walked out he also said ‘you don’t tell me what to talk about on the show’. watch the full interview below.

Sources : HOT 97