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Hawaiian Hiker Gets Lost For 17 Days



Amanda Eller, the hiker who was lost in a Hawaiian forest for 17 days, spoke about her experience after being rescued during a press conference on Tuesday.

Amanda Eller found after being lost in the Hawaiian forest for over 17 days.

Ellen followed a ‘voice’ that led her down the wrong path and ended up spending 17 days in the woods, trying to get back to her car and then just trying to stay alive and be found by the searchers in helicopters.
She spent two days in a Maui hospital being treated for severe sunburned, a twisted knee and ankle problems before she went home Monday night. She hopes to be back at work in two weeks.

“I don’t really know what happened,” she said Tuesday morning, speaking to reporters while in a wheelchair. “All I can say is that … I have strong sense of internal guidance, whatever you want to call that — a voice, Spirit, everybody has a different name for it.
“My heart was telling me walk down this path, go left. Great. Go right. It was so strong.”

Source : NBC NewsCNN


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