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Millions of people around the world protest for climate change



Over 150 countries around the world protested for climate change this past Friday. People gathered together to spread awareness to world leaders and to send a message to do more to combat climate change. People demanded changes for a more renewable energy world that uses less fossil fuels; As well as stepping away from deforestation and doing more to protect the oceans from plastic waste and toxins.


Today the United Nations gathered together for the 2019 Climate Action Summit. Emergency action response is being addressed to per sway countries to have zero emissions by 2050; which include cutting coal and fossil fuels.


The United States, Japan, Australia, and South Africa were not invited to speak due to their involvement and investments in fossil fuels. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence dropped by Monday morning for a brief moment. Many people expected President Trump to not attend the Climate Action Summit do to his disapproval of cutting fossil fuels and coal.         


            Protests in Hamburg, Germany Friday morning

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