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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens in D.C. But Purchasing is Still Difficult



A new medical marijuana dispensary opened on U Street NW Monday. However, despite the drug’s legal status, customers in D.C. face obstacles when buying marijuana.

The drug often can’t be purchased with a credit card, and insurance companies don’t cover the cost. A total of 33 states have legalized marijuana for either recreational or medical uses, but other laws need to be passed in order to improve consumer’s access.

A co-owner of the newly opened dispensary Capital City Care said owning a cannabis company comes with its own set of challenges because of state and federal regulations.

Members of Congress are talking about legislation that would allow banks to consider medical marijuana like any other legal drug. D.C. Delegate Elanor Holmes Norton said it’s a bipartisan effort.

Before Congress takes action, businesses have to find ways around credit card bans from banks. One company with marijuana dispensaries in 15 states launched its own credit card for purchasing weed.

It has only been approved in a few states, but the company hopes to expand to other states soon.


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