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New Nintendo Switch Could Feature Multiple Screens



According to reports, Nintendo may be working on an updated version of its portable Nintendo Switch console with dual screens similar to its Nintendo 3DS XL handheld. A Twitter user named Mike Henskin dug into the Nintendo Switch’s latest 10.0.0 firmware update and found what he claims is “preliminary support” for a new model of Switch codenames “nx-abcd,” which he believes is support for a second screen.

Similar Switch codenames have been used before in previous firmware, like “nx-abcb,” the previous codename for the Nintendo Switch Lite. It’s unknown whether or not this would be for a next-generation Nintendo Switch or a form of next-gen 3DS that’s compatible with the Switch somehow. However, the company has expressed there will be no new Switch consoles in 2020.

Nintendo has been selling so many Switch units that it’s difficult to find one for sale.