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Hong Kong’s First CBD Cafe and Shop Opens



Glow visits Found, Hong Kong’s first and only CBD-themed cafe and shop offering CBD-infused mooncakes, coffee and cookies.

Fiachra Mullen, the Chief Marketing Officer of Altum, explains, “I think the benefits of cannabinoids are really for everyone. It’s a plant that Mother Nature gave us. We’ve had it for thousands of years. And yet it’s been inaccessible to a lot of the world for decades now. Especially those in Asia Pacific haven’t had access to the benefits cannabinoids and CBD in particular can bring.”

Julia Marino is a customer at Found and explains how CBD has helped her. “I used to suffer from insomnia and I started taking CBD and it just helped me relax and ease some of my anxiety that I had at the time,” said Marino.

Customer Mel Pikul says CBD isn’t just benefiting her. “So I have it every now and then just for a bit of a calming effect. It’s good after a stressful week. And the dog likes it,” said Pikul.

So how is CBD different from cannabis?

“From the cannabis flower and from the cannabis plant, we have 2 main compounds which are most famous CBD and THC. THC is what traditionally people would be looking for in cannabis, whereas CBD is the more therapeutic side of cannabis,” explained Fiachra.

Around Asia, laws vary greatly. In some countries, like Hong Kong, CBD is only legal if it contains 0% trace of THC. In other Asian countries it’s only available for medical use and in others, it’s completely banned.

“There are places in Asia where CBD is and remains heavily prohibited, such as Singapore. And we would highly recommend that nobody even considers bringing a CBD product, whether free of THC or not, to Singapore, because the penalties can be quite severe.”

Fiachra noted CBD is not just for humans. “For older pets who might have inflammation or sore joints might be struggling a little bit with physical ailments, CBD can help with anti-inflammation and with reducing pain. And the other big benefit is for pets of all ages is anti-anxiety.”

Fiachra hopes Found will help destigmatize CBD in Asia.

“I think we are the first in Asia to be taking a more sophisticated approach and helping destigmatize it through restarting the conversation