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Rasheed Chappell & Buckwild – “Black Owned” (Official Video)



Rasheed Chappell has had a penchant for working with legendary producers and creating timeless music, once again he does. Linking up with the D.I.T.C. beatsmith Buckwild, the chemistry is apparent from the first drum heard and “Yo” uttered. The union between Chappell & Buck has had the indie scene buzzing since Rasheed showed up on Buckwild’s “Fully Loaded” LP which dropped in July of 2020.

With their first official release from the much anticipated LP “Sinners & Saints”, Rasheed & Buck waste no time introducing the listener to their world. In the era of looped samples with no drums, Buckwild goes against what’s popular and creates what’s needed. A canvass constructed of sounds clashing in perfect harmony to provide Chappell the perfect backdrop to shine.

Known for his introspective, cinematic & poetic lyrics Rasheed delivers just that. Evoking imagery and emotion, sparking thought and painting a picture to be viewed when heard. The tried and true theory of dope beat plus dope rhymes still hold true. Chappell is a throwback to when lyrics mattered and substance was just as important as style, not wasted words leave his pen on this neck snapping track.

Same Fight, Different Round is the mantra that flashes across the screen. It’s the never ending pursuit to remain true to one’s path and adapt while not following trends. Some artist are what they do and others do what they are, it’s obvious this pair have remained true to form and uncompromised. Director Edwin Decena strays away from convention and creates the proper atmosphere to digest all the elements of what is being given.

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