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The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast Ep. 111 | Should Slap Tournaments Be An Extreme Sport ?, Hash In Europe



Kicking off Mondays show we had guest The Godfather aka Smoke Train (WWE Legend) and Eric Bobo (Member Of Cypress Hill) visit the podcast. You might be wondering where DGTP co-host E-Zone is, he was sent on a special mission by the Dr. himself to handle some business. Quickly into the show B-Real brought up Slap boxing competitions that even The Godfather was shocked to see how intense the match ups were. Eric Bobo and B-Real went on about how they dislike mixing tabbaco with their weed and hash stories from the their travels in Europe.

After A quick reminder to not be greedy with hitting that like button to the Insane Asylum (our chatroom community) we acknowledged we reached 111 episodes and still growing. Being that its the holiday season, the topic of Halloween decorations was broken down and going to Theme Parks such as disney land, knots scary farm, etc. with actors to scare the guest might just start fights according to the guys. The Godfather brings up Escape Rooms and his distaste to have any participation unless its with the DGTP team. That transitioned into UFC discussions and “sports talk” per usual where C-Minus made the bold statement that “Music is His sport’ which the Dr. Co-signed.

much more with questions from the Insane Asylum and super chatters towards the end of the podcast.

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