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The Dr. Greenthumb Show Ep. 112 w Guest: DoggFace208



On a special Tuesday Episode of Dr. GreenThumb Podcast we have special guest DOGGFACE (Nathan Apodaca) social media superstar that has brought a positive energy to 2020 that was much needed. He has recently been out here in california making waves with our own B-Real Tv family of stoners such as Berner, Wiz Khalifa and more so we are excited to hear how his time in California has been.

BoBo, frequent guest host on the DGTP, rolls through as well as E-Zone returns from his mission he was sent on. The DR. discusses the slap boxing competitions and Doggface said he would compete. Have you ever wished Samuel L Jackson was the voice of you car? Do you think Rich people are releasing homeless people and hunting them? Do people wear diapers as fetishes? well the early part of the podcast was going off with wild topics. BoBo brings up the times they had “bad food catering” at concerts and the one time he didn’t handle it so well when it came time to perform. The Dr. asked the Insane Asylum to wave Christian Oldewolber and Trick Trick will be coming on the show very soon.

The DGTP also brought up and gave each other their takes on Jay-Z announcing his introduction to the legal cannabis industry with MONOGRAM. BoBo found the move questionable being he doesn’t associate Jay-Z with weed, B-Real was confident that he had the best of the best people going to be involved or he wouldn’t have made the move probably. E-Zone hilariously put it “If he had like legal cocaine, then of course id be more into getting his product, but i don’t think weed when i think Jay-z”.

A Big happy birthday again to Berner, be sure to go wish him a happy bday from the Insane Asylum.

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