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The Dr. Greenthumb Ep. Podcast #119 | Destroying Equipment /Greenrooms, Moshpits and Touring Stores



Thursday at the B-Real TV studios kicks back off with the guys still laughing at Donnell Rawlings roasting jokes and dethroned our resident roaster Rusty Shackleford. Everyone thought they got Magy, Donnell dog, a little bit too high. B-Real and the group all worried about if they hotbox the room a little too much and Bobo mentions he thought Donnell dropped his dog, and the Dr. mentions how his dog gets vengeful when he doesn’t get his way and poops in the wrong places. Bobo had his dog chipped for it wouldn’t get lost but considered taking it back out because of the hassle and costs, E-zone goes on about chip tracking they had for kids. C-Minus recalls an episode of the show Black Mirror that details parental controls and B-Real breakdown how parents look at these kinda of options, letting us know it is “not the business” The guys catch up on the “fxck show” that is this election and give their takes on whats going on with the vote counting and the publics reactions.

The Dr. and the podcast bring up the Masked singer and break down which songs B-Real would cover if he participated. Yacht rock is a favorite genre round the table, E-Zone goes into his love for Michael McDonald and how he discovered his love for Patti Labell. B-Real and C-Minus explain and apologies for Tuesdays mix technical difficulties and how bringing your laptop charger is important. B-Real goes into details to what a bar count is for a DJ and how some DJs can’t keep on beat, which Bobo can’t vibe with. B-Real give out the homework assignment if you can count the bars of the verse properly to the Insane Asylum. Bobo also has found memories with B-Real having a few days that he was being jerk on tour where he was hard to be around as he tried to filter out bad people around him. With alot of animosity going on in the groups situation, they had record label and real life stress going on which they loved taking out in moshpits after sets. Bobo go back to a time where he was in Miami and his car got broken into and his camera was stolen, losing precious footage. Bobo also had the remorse the guys recall destroying dressing rooms for fun during their rockstar days including putting a sandwich in a VCR sticking out the tape slot. Sendog used to get lit on stage and go in on Eric Bobo equipment, with permission of course, but til he got that $9000 bill for percussion equipment. The fans loved that type of energy although but destroying your equipment can cost a lot, especially when Bobo lit his own equipment on fire.

Once again, more hilarity continued as the doors to the Insane Asylum opened. The Dr goes over everything from moshpits at Lollapalooza from Sound Garden and the craziest one he has personally been in during a RAGE against the machine set he went from the stage to the pit. Cypress would cover “Jump Around” by legendary group and fellow homies House of Pain, where the crowd would crouch down and on the drop all know what to do and jump around like crazy. The DR. give anger management advice as well to the Insane Asylum, while C-Minus and E-Zone have fun telling them to cry and eat donuts. Everyone gives their take on their own catch phrases, to doing shows in stadiums with Jay-Z and KISS. Turns out Eric Bobo fell asleep on yesterdays podcast with Donnell do to eating too much food and smoking too much on the show, after Donnell had to wake him up during the podcast.

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