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The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast #126 – Aliens & Space movies, Road Kill, Weed Strains



Monday and were back at The Dr. Greenthumb podcast in full effect with C-Minus returning from vacation and Eric Bobo joining in again with B-Real & E-Zone in tow. E-Zone fills us in to the corner being outside the studio down the street, the Dr. saying the old man has apparently been making appearances and the inabilities to be able to see with out glasses. B-Real recaps the friday mix show performance from last week and asks the guys to start with their best rock n roll voices. E-Zone rips into B-Real for giving him a hard time early as B-Real reps the new B-RealTV shirt made by E-Zone. The conversation quickly escalates when they talk about GG Allen and throwing “shxt” into the crowd and B-Real and Bobo discuss having stomach problems while being on stage.

DJ Vlad contacted the Dr. recently and brought to his attention an interview about Cypress Hill suing Tiny of the group Esxape over a copyright sample that he knew nothing about. B-Real clarifies that the group has never sued any artist or group for using their material let alone a lyric. The guys challenge the Dr. to a smoke off where he blind taste test to see his extensive weed pallet skills. The Dr. immediately brings up the “Ahhhhh” refrence from E-Zone’s interaction with wrestling legend The Godfather. E-Zone remembers imitating stone cold Steve Austin with chugging beer but with sodas.

B-Real asks C-Minus about his vacation with family and the guys conspire about where in the world did C-Minus actually went. The podcast starts discussing UFO’s and alien aircrafts possibly out there around them. Bobo brings up other movies about space like Last Star Fighter, where a guy was sucked into a video game world which E-Zone found similar to Wreck It Ralph. B-Real discusses going to other planets and the guys agree if the technology was there to get you there quickly they would be down to travel space.

As we crept closer to the goal, as E-Zone said, the Insane Asylum was left “Stevie Wondering” what the prizes would be. Bobo discussed how he felt about deer being suicidal when driving through the mountain areas. The Dr. discusses that it’s unfortunate about the animal, but that you should keep driving as safe as you can and don’t slam on the breaks. C-Minus talks about driving and seeing a Raccoon and then Bobo says about a year ago he ran over a skunk accidentally and how horrible it smelled, as well skinny pablo. The Skunk was also an old school strain that was memorable speaking of skunks. Just like ice cream flavors, there cannot be too many flavors or strains of weed. The Greenthumb crew gets back into movies about aliens, like district 9 and independence day.


The Doors to the Insane Asylum open as the question started to come in and more

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