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Dr. Greenthumb Show

The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast #130 | Guest: DJ VLAD



Friday is looking like its going to be a good one here at B Real TV, The podcast and crew is eating some FIRE BBQ that Steftone aka SNACKtone brought in, the joints are in the air, sit back and get ready to enjoy the show. PRESS THAT LIKE BUTTON and SUBSCRIBE if you are new to the Insane Asylum, the highest community on Youtube.

The Podcast kicks off with the guys recapping yesterdays episode, as E-Zone had a debate about alcohol and the percentages by volume or what the debate with Steftone says doesn’t make sense, Proof. B-Real and Bobo brings up that 151 rum and how Bobo started drinking at a very young age. Skinny Pablo helps out with a definition breakdown. The discussion takes a turn as they ask why drinks are called spirits, as E Zone laughs n says “who is drinking with ghosts?!”

DJ VLAD of VLAD TV joins us on the podcast as B-Real immediately gets into asking Vlad his flavor preferences and his own smoking preferences. Vlad and the Dr. get more into the regulations of cannabis and the legal market. The Mike Tyson fight coming up with Roy would be amazing as the crew give their take on how Mike Tyson would draw in the biggest fights. Vlad talks about how Tyson lost to Buster Douglas by partying a little too much with a 44 to 1 odds. Bobo remembers going to a Tyson fight that ended so quickly he dropped something and when he looked up the fight was over. Vlad talks interview Larry Holmes recently who once fought Mike Tyson. The problem with financials is when fighters run low on money as they age Vlad goes into, they have to do fights that aren’t necessarily good for their health vs they pockets. In a recently inter view that isn’t out yet, vlad came across some info that UGOD of Wu Tang is almost certain that Mike Tyson robbed his mother of his earrings in the past. Mike actually responded well and said he might have so he wanted to make things right after finding that out.

B-Real had a shoot with GPEN today and STUDENGLASS that has him a little extra stoney today. The Dr. asks VLAD about the Tiny interview recently, that she had claimed to have a copyright issue for sampling by cypress hill song. B-Real and Bobo clarify they never tripped on artist about sampling especially that situation. Vlad asks B-Real about what he would do if someone went platinum selling song that sampled Cypress Hills insane in the membrane, as the publishing would have to go to B-Real, but the Dr. breaks down that its better to handle it before releasing the song as a form of respect. Vlad informs us that Sir Mix A Lot has made 100 million dollars of Baby Got Back. B-Real notes that Jump Around is one of the best concert songs ever and you better have a better song to play after. C-Minus asks Vlad if he still DJ’s and he admits he would be a liar if he said he did but everyone brings up their experiences DJing and what its like to bomb a set. B-Real knows that one thing all DJ’s have in common is they hate requests. Vlad would hate when people would ask to get on the mic and B Real would hate it so much he wouldnt plug a mic in during his sets.

DJ VLAD in his interview fashion, asks Bobo how he ended up joining Cypress Hill being he wasnt in the original line up. Bobo breakdown working with Beastie Boys and House of Pain and meeting the group. Vlad admits to being a major Beastie Boys fan growing up just like everyone else. Vlad asks more about the darker days of Cypress Hill earlier days in the industry making music and adapting to what was going on at the times. They also discuss artists these days crowd funding for samples and how labels wanna shorten album lengths. B-Real advises away form 360 deals right now for people that our doing well vs people in the 40’s and 50’s. Vlad asks if they could stop touring and still make a living or do they want to get on the road. Vlad had to go to another interview so we wish him well and appreciate him coming on.

As we come back E-Zone made some drinks while the guys talked music with Vlad and grabbed some more of that BBQ chicken. Bobo talks about how people are too sensitive in 2020. C-Minus recaps how many hoes were offered on the shows yesterday. The Doors to the Insane Asylum opened for questions!

Description recap by @kieroglyphics on IG/Twitter

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