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The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast #136 | The Godfather’s Back, Homeboy Industries, Undertaker’s Party



It looks like its Pimp week here on the Dr Greenthumb Podcast, we got a HOEEEEEEE TRAIN coming through with WWE legend The Godfather in the house. The podcast rewinds from yesterday when E-Zone dosed C-Minus with the medicated mac n cheese. The Godfather was interested in the edibles as him and B-Real discuss being high on edibles and how the taste of weed can take away from the food flavor. The Dr. catches up with The Godfather about the Tyson fight card including Nate Robinsons strategy and Tyson’s physical quality still to this day. We discuss Homeboy Industries and the charitable cause they are doing this tuesday helping our people reforming their lives out here in LA. The Dr. brings up the Iron Sheik wanting to come on the podcast and Godfather talks about how one time they had a crazy time smoking, which is a must hear story. The G.F. continues with a story about the CEO of the WWE caught him hot boxing the elevator at an event one time.

NEW FLAVORS! From Redline Reserve have hit the DGT stores with the new strain ROCKSTAR! The Dr. also mentions that the G.F. has a new strain in the works as well! The pimping was strong as they mention Don Juan the Bishop himself on the show last episode. Very wise C-Minus brings up Iceberg Slim’s legendary documentary spitting real game. We wave the Undertaker and Jason Ellis to the podcast and The Undertaker apparently has a story of drinking with Cypress Hill.

The door open up to the Insane Asylum following with an array of wild questions as usual.

Description recap by @kieroglyphics on IG/Twitter

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