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The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast #142 – Rolling Skills, Hollywood Neighboorhood Haters, Bob Dylan $300M



SALUTE TO THE INSANE ASYLUM here at the Dr. Greenthumb on a Wednesday! Big shout out to everyone who saw the Hotbox game yesterday that C-Minus won. The guys welcome Eitan to the podcast as E-Zone is out on business. The podcast kicks off with rolling discussions with a shout out to the artisan rollers like Tony Greenhands and Weavers. Skinny P brings up a picture from the 5 pound bazooka blunt we smoked many years ago. Eitan gets a review on his rolling skills. Sports ball talk begins and with only football going on, the Dr. cheers on the Kansas City Chiefs right now because the boom in child births when they won last year. The chat room lets us know how they feel about Eitan while B-Real tells stories of Eitan holding it down on tour in Europe.

B-Real talks about living in the hollywood hills for a time where his neighbors didn’t like his stance on cannabis. The Dr. flew a weed flag up and the vandalism against his property and cars ensued after. Feces were even smeared on his car and windows busted trying to make him want to move out that area. At the time, a neighbor of his was Robert Patrick, movie star. Nobody would mess with him B-Real would say because he had a very intimidating face. “Blanch” is a name of an old lady C-Minus makes up and ties a hilarious voice to as well.

Bob Dylan recently signed his publishing over for an astounding $300 million! B-Real talks about how he can just make music for fun now and retire. Skinny Pablo details how UMG gets the rights to his music and any covers or samples would get them paid for the for stable future. The Dr. also mentions that if one movie can use one of his songs and blow it up and make them their money back. Jim Morrison birthday today C-Minus asks if anyone has a favorite The Doors song. 5 to 1 is C minus undeniably his favorite and break on through being a brilliant piece of music. The podcast gets into boxing and the current Mayweather fight but past legend Camacho and his bouts with legends. Camacho had to fight his idle at one point which C-Minus claims he could never and if he had to DJ battle his DJ mentor he wouldn’t. Unfortunately he passed away due to unfortunate terms but his documentary is out and highly recommended by the Dr.

Eitan and the podcast talk about shows they have been watching lately. C-Minus has a rule that after one season if he finds it wack he won’t waste more time into it. Two more episodes left for the Mandolorian, all on the podcast is agree its dope but Skinny Pablo doesnt enjoy it, he would rather watch documentaries on youtube about history. Break dancing was introduced to the olympics, as it should be. The DGTP team theories how it would be judged and if each country would have their own DJ too. Weightlifting was eliminated from the Olympics oddly but it seems more of a liability issue for why it was erased. Important PSA, dont over lift or you will blow your O ring out.

the doors open up to the Insane Asylum as the questions roll in and the joints are rolled up

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