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The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast #146 – Actors With Music Careers, Touring Overseas, CEO of Patron + More



Today we have a community spotlight on Local Hearts Foundation with @TheHoodSanta checking in with B-Real and the podcast to let us know how they are contributing to the holidays and community here in southern California.… please go check them out and make a donation if possible.

B-Real was asked about his cook book from Bobo and the guys asked what happen to B-Real making spaghetti for the team. E-Zone felt some type of way when B-Real came off aggressive and said “I dont want no HATE spaghetti” with the Dr. claiming he never makes anything with hate. Bobo did note he was happy to make the spaghetti for him and the guys back in the days when he made more it more often. Though the Dr. doesnt have much time unfortunately, that is why he hasn’t brought any in. The Dr. asks for 2,000 likes on this stream for him to bring it in tomorrow so , from everyone who works here, PLEASE SMASH THAT LIKE!

Bobo has a hilarious take on preachers using the amigos style preaching style then goes on about Shia Labeouf rapping on Sway in the Morning. Joaquin Phoenix did some method acting B-Real reminds the crew and he had everyone believing he was very serious. Even Daniel Ratcliff aka Harry Potter likes to rap as well, that Bobo said he wouldn’t buy the EP but it was ok. Skinny Pablo looks up Vin Diesel actual lyrics and recites them acapella to avoid copyright strikes but ended up being hilarious.

After realizing they had randomly went from Spaghetti to Vin Diesel, the crew segways into talking about touring in Germany! With high demand out there, they could stay out there much longer but in the span of time that we have been on quarantine, Cypress would have toured out there.

the doors open up to the Insane Asylum as the questions roll in and the joints are rolled up
you don’t want.
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