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The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast #152 | 2k Game recap, Recording Studio Vibes, ODB Stories and more



Wednesday here on the podcast started off with a spontaneous NBA 2k Game match up with B-Real vs Kiero ! Kiero won the first game which won him a place on the podcast today. Steftone and Bobo talk about starting your day with a dab and consider starting their day with a strong edible. B-Real calls out Bobo on starting his day with shroom tea on a day they had to preform when he said he wouldn’t do that on a day of work. Eric Bobo talks about a temple of boom release party at the Lime Light in New York and ODB comes through on a wild one asking Bobo let me get on them drums dawg! To which Bobo said no strongly shutting him down and that we wouldn’t be able to find out if he could get down or not. The podcast crew discuss more instruments and performing preferences and C-Minus helps break down to importance of sampling in production and making music. Nobody respects the flute and then B-Real brings up the Steel drums as a no no for his jams sessions.

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Description recap by @kieroglyphics on IG/Twitter

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