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Getting High With Adam Ill

Adam Ill has been an established host and personality since 2009, but his love of marijuana and entertainment began long before that.

Even as a child, it was obvious that Adam was quite the character and could captivate and engage a crowd. He began smoking at a young age and consequently has almost two decades of experience with marijuana. During his years of work at radio station KLSX, they recognized Adam’s flair for entertaining others and he began doing red carpet interviews, co-hosting a segment called “Pot Talk” with on-air hosts Tim Conway, Jr. and special guest Arsenio Hall and was selected as the host of their new HD channel. When the radio station became defunct, Adam decided to combine his two favorite pastimes and started his own show, “The Potcast.” The podcast began in 2009 and he continued doing the show for four years, making it the longest running marijuana-related podcast to date. He recently started a solo venture, “Getting High With”, a weekly show dedicated to the ever-growing and popular Canna-Culture.

In addition to his show, he has won awards and been chosen as a panel speaker and judge by High Times for their Cannabis Cup events and is dedicated to disproving the stoner stereotype by creating a forum that not only supplies heavy smoking and humor, but also by keeping his listeners up to date on the most recent news and information within the marijuana industry.

Due to his devotion, he is a trusted voice within the community and is committed to entertaining, educating and medicating with everyone he comes across, whether they are seasoned smokers, reefer rookies or simply canna-curious.

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