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  • Uldouz’s latest video blog documents her recent birthday celebration. Check out the footage below!



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  • In the second installment of “Crossed Paths”, I sit down with James “Munky” Shaffer from Korn & Chris Garza from Suicide Silence. The 2 guitarists talk in depth about their recent tour, creativity, inspiration, […]

  • Uldouz is back with her latest video blog. The model/actress documents her recent experience at the streamy award and runs into her friends Ricky Shucks, Tim Delaghetto, FouseyTube, Simmi, and many more. Check […]

  • Real Legit!

    Legendary rapper from the bay area, B-Legit enters the Smokebox with Dr. Greenthumb. This episode goes into Prohibition 2, hip-hop history, influences, best strains, dabbing, & more for a smoked out session!

  • This is an incredible tale of a glassblower artist, Jerome Baker aka Jason Harris making dreams come true. Jerome Baker is synonymous with the modern glass bong. Jerome brings together some of the greatest […]

  • Uldouz drops her latest video blog! In the latest installment, the curvy model-actress documents her experience to a recent concert by the legendary Madonna. Check out the video below.



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  • In this edition of the BREALTV Smokebox, Dr. Greenthumb & Krondon smoke it up while discussing collaborations, chase n cashe, favorite strains, & much more!

  • In the first edition of “Crossed Paths”, I sit down with Korn’s Jonathan Davis & Suicide SIlence’s Eddie Hermida for an exclusive interview. In the video, we discuss Korn’s 20th Anniversary Tour, influences from […]

    • Jonathan Davis is what an aged Adam Ill will look like after he becomes famous, then un-famous again, and must retreat back to a messy apartment in the Valley to live out the rest of his life.

  • In this edition of the Smokebox J. Hardcore OG,  from West Coast Cure, chiefs up and chats with Dr. Greenthumb about new and upcoming products and favorite strain.




  • Cypress Hill kicked off their 2015 Haunted Hill tour last night in Boston, Massachusetts. The Southern California brought their smokin’ groves to bean town. This kicks off the 20th celebration of their “III: […]

  • Danny Evans remixes “Kemosabe” and releases an official music video. This is the 4th visual off Danny’s ‘NWNM” Vol. 2’ mixtape. Check out the music video below.


  • Rapper Q-tip (If you’re living under and never heard of his name, then you don’t know hip hop!) will be spinning a live dj set tonight at the 7th Anniversary of Toca Tuesdays with Dj Tony Touch in NYC. Jarobi […]

  • In the latest edition of Once Upon A Rhyeme, Master P & Ace B Quar talk about which song took their career to the next level. Check out the clip below to check out this episode.


  • Uldouz latest video blog features the model showing off her curvy body with a series of dresses followed by an event that features a performance from the jonas brothers. Check out the video blog […]

  • Former Radio Personality, Tattoo, joins this week’s Smokebox with Dr. Greenthumb.  Tattoo speaks on his transition from radio to the boxing business and other ventures.  He also reveals his favorite strain.


  • Uldouz & Tommy are trying to decide where to have their next meal at. The debate escalates into situation where some couples have been at one point of their relationship. Check out the video below.

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  • KNOTFEST Returns This Weekend

    Set Times Announced For Over 50 Of The Biggest Bands in Heavy Music

    Lineup Includes: Slipknot, Judas Priest, Korn, Bring Me […]

  • Have you ever had a friend over for a session and all of a sudden your lighter in gone? Check out this video on someone who does that sort of thing.


  • Bj The Chicago Kid appeared on the 10.21.15 edition of “The Dr. Greenthumb Show” hosted by B-Real aka Dr. Greenthumb, E-Zone Da Firm, & Ayy Tommy. Here’s a few behind the scenes shots from the show. Check out the […]

  • In this weeks episode, B-Real meets up with cannabis activist, Steve De’Angelo. The two discuss the evolution of marijuana culture, his latest book titled, “The Cannabis Manifesto”, collectives, & more. Light up […]

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