Long time friends B-Real and Damon Staleblazer have had the same after-work practice for quite a while: they get together for a smoke, a few drinks and some good conversation. It was during one of these meet-ups when they realized that, because so many others could relate with their similar routines, this was actually a great concept for a show. After all, whether the goal is to relax and unwind or party the weekend away, that combination of elements is ideal for every situation. In 2010 they applied their practice to a format and established the perfect Friday night show: Medication… and no matter what you’re in the mood for, its just what the doctor ordered.

Airing Friday nights from 9:00 – 11:00pm on, Medication alternates between music sets and conversation. Hosts B-Real and Staleblazer start the show with a toast (one that includes taking a shot as well as lighting up). During their segments they discuss a wide variety of subjects, such as cannabis, sports, music and other hot topics – and things get increasingly entertaining as the smoking and shots continue. But what Friday night would be complete without music? DJ Javie Lopez joined Medication for just this reason shortly after the show began. Along with occasional special guest DJs, he spins for 25-minute segments, with each set featuring a different genre of music; from hip-hop to heavy metal to house, he ensures that there’s a little something for everyone. In 2012, the Medication crew was complete when jack of all trades Sheiky Dabarino joined the team as the show’s full-time engineer. He takes control at the mid-point of each show, playing a comedy sketch during a 5-minute intermission called “Friday Night Funnies” – and with Sheiky in control, whatever is played is guaranteed to make you giggle.

No matter what you’re in the mood for, you’ll want to tune in at the end of every week. With a continuous smoke session and drinks, eclectic music sets and entertaining conversation, this is the only place to find the perfect dose of Friday night Medication.

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