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Photographer Mike Miller Talks About Experiences Shooting With Cypress Hill, Tupac & Others



Freshjive Moving Pictures – An Interview With Mike Miller from Freshjive on Vimeo.

“It was Mike Miller who got me into photography. I met Mike around 1989 when I started Freshjive. Rap music was making a progressive step on the West Coast and the relatively few people that were really into that music and that scene in Los Angeles tended to know one another or frequent the same spots.

Mike Miller is effortlessly and sincerely the real deal, and I don’t throw those words around lightly. Besides the immense amount of influential work, his ease, confidence and personal ethos has been a major inspiration to me, and this video is an effort to pass that inspiration around the world like a big fat community blunt.”

-Rick Klotz

Freshjive Moving Pictures – An Interview With Mike Miller

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