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Eric Bobo - Tales From The Road

Tales From The Road 2012 – Elevation Festival – Razlog, Bulgaria (6-24-12)

Finally Cypress Hill has made it back to Bulgaria!! We were supposed to play here last year but due to the weather and high winds, they had cancelled the show. A lot of the fans were disappointed due to the … Continue reading



Finally Cypress Hill has made it back to Bulgaria!! We were supposed to play here last year but due to the weather and high winds, they had cancelled the show. A lot of the fans were disappointed due to the fact that CH had never played Bulgaria before. B had come during his solo tour and said that it was off the hook and the fans were great. Now, they were ready for the full CH experience and we were all hoping for good weather this time around. This show was actually the make up show for the one that was cancelled. In all of our years of touring, just in the last few years, we’ve been doing shows in Eastern Europe. Places like Bulgaria seem to be opening up as far as getting more hip hop groups to play there. Once again, it shows just how far Hip Hop has spread into the world and the quality of the music is getting better as well.

We flew into Sofia and had a day off, which is always nice. Sofia is a nice place and it has a vintage look too it with all the architecture and surroundings. I didn’t really get out to sightsee because I was still feeling a bit of the jet lag. Some of the guys went walking around the city but a few stayed behind awaiting our herbal delivery. Lets just say that the quality wasn’t the best but it was more than what we had which was nada. So besides, getting in some backgammon games and watching CNN International, our day off was pretty mellow.

After getting a little morning workout in, it was time to gather our things, jump in a van and head to Razlog, which was where the festival was going on at. The drive wasn’t too bad but this is where a tour bus would’ve worked out nicely. Long rides in uncomfortable vans isn’t really the move. We just wanted to hurry up and get to the venue. The line up before us was Sean Paul & our friend and sister Erykah Badu but all the backstage buzz was all about us. I did get a chance to see some of Sean Paul’s set and he had the crowd going. His dancers were all over the place and just watching them was making me tired. it was like an advanced Zumba class with all the moves they were doing. Right after that, Erykah took the stage. Her band is always tight but nothing as uptempo as Sean Paul’s show. Even so, she has got style and a great voice. Just a little bit of pressure for us, right?? Anyway, let’s just get into the show.

The little time off wasn’t enough to make us lose our stride. We came out blazing and really didn’t let up at all. The crowd was loud from the very beginning and that fueled us even more to rock the house. When we got to “Kill A Man”, Erykah came out on stage for a quick second to give us some hugs and to get her quick groove on. Now for the record, we have never just let someone come up on stage like that without us knowing about it but Erykah has a pass to do that. Since first touring together in the 90′s, we have become friends and anytime we get a chance to check her out, we do and she does the same. It’s a mutual respect that we have for each other even though it wouldn’t make much sense for us to just go on stage during her set. It would look kind of weird us coming out to pump up the crowd during one of her slow songs. After her little appearance, it was business as usual. The crowd was just as B had described it when he was here for his solo tour, loud and off the hook!!! There weren’t any special highlights to mention but it was a great show and a great crowd.

After the show, we had dinner waiting for us and we had a little herbal essence. Before you know it, it was time to “pack it up & pack it in” like the homie Everlast says. We did have a little ride ahead of us but all in all, we were all good. Tomorrow would be a day off/travel day but at least our lobby call wasn’t too crazy early. As for the fans in Bulgaria, thanks for your patience with us finally making it there and just know that we will be back for our own show so stay turned for that. Until the next time…

Next Stop: Rome, Italy