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Eric Bobo - Tales From The Road

Tales From The Road 2012 – Sherwood Open Air Festival – Padova, Italy (6/27/12)

We met with the bus we were going to use for the next few days at the venue in Rome so at least the ride was nice with having a bunk to sleep in. I wish we would’ve started the … Continue reading



We met with the bus we were going to use for the next few days at the venue in Rome so at least the ride was nice with having a bunk to sleep in. I wish we would’ve started the tour with the bus because the flying everyday thing gets old very quick and most importantly, it takes a toll on the body. The trip was about 8 hours so we were going to make a stop to get some food since the bus wasn’t stocked with anything. After our stop, it was off to Padova. I’ve never been here before much less have ever heard of the city so I was anxious to see what it looked like.

We pretty much went to the hotel for just a little bit before we had to head to the venue which happened to be a race track. We had gotten the word that the venue was to be moved because of the ticket sales but the promoters decided to keep it at this race track. Now just for the record, there are good promoters and there are not so good a.k.a. shady promoters. In this case, the promoters didn’t do the job they’re supposed to do and in turn, they lost money which isn’t a concern to us because we get paid regardless of what the promoter’s problems are. This particular festival didn’t have a lot of artists and the biggest names on the bill were Everlast and CH. In any case, we still had a job to do and the fans that were there were going to get their dose of the Hill. It just sucks that the promoter didn’t make the necessary venue changes due to his lack of promotion.

It was boiling hot out there so my intention was to stay inside with the a/c until it was time for us to hit the stage. The one thing that we were lacking was the herbals. For some reason, good green isn’t readily available there in Italy so thankfully one of the guys in Everlast’s band had some of what we call “Manteca” aka hash so we were able to get a little upliftment. Since us and Everlast were sharing a huge dressing room, we all just hung out in there listening to music and just catching up on everything. The catering here was so-so, which was another ball drop for the promoter as well. One thing that I absolutely hate is when the catering is sub-par. In places where the venue isn’t to close to anything in the city, you are usually stuck with what is available in catering. Also, since we just got the bus, it wasn’t really stocked up with anything to munch on so we were at the mercy of the catering. You can just imagine how “happy” we all were about that. I guess I should get just get right into the show.

We again went on after Everlast but due to the heat, I didn’t see any of his show. Soon it was our turn to rock the stage. Even though the crowd was smaller that all of the other festivals that we’ve been doing but they made up for it with their energy. Right from the beginning, they were into it!! Sometimes, when my energy isn’t exactly 100%, I rely on the crowd for a bit of their energy and they didn’t let me down. It’s great when less than 1000 people can sound and feel like thousands. We blazed through the set with no problem. With the song list that we are doing now, by the time we are into the 3rd song, which in tonight’s case would be “Kill A Man”, the crowd lost it. All I know is that by the end of the show, I was dripping in sweat from the energy and the heat but we still felt good like we could do more songs. I don’t know of too many hip hop groups that can give 90 minutes of raw energy and still have the song catalog to do more. I have been blessed to have been a part of two of these kind of groups, CH & the Beastie Boys.

We didn’t hang around the venue for too long after the show. We had a morning lobby call because of having to take another flight. Having the bus for 2-3 days is such a tease but it is what it is. I hope we can get back here to Italy with our own tour and not just a festival because these fans out here definitely deserve a show that is done right. Plus, I would love to have the time to go to a nice authentic Italian restaurant and get my grub on. Thanks to the fans from Italy for their continued support for CH and we shall return!!!

Next Stop: Werchter, Belgium