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Eric Bobo - Tales From The Road

Tales From The Road 2012 – Eurockéennes – Belfort, France (7-1-12)

After having a great show last night, we were all amped to for the next France show. We had a 4 or so hour drive to Belfort from Paris so we had to leave early in the afternoon. One very … Continue reading



After having a great show last night, we were all amped to for the next France show. We had a 4 or so hour drive to Belfort from Paris so we had to leave early in the afternoon. One very cool thing happened as we were loading up the van and getting ready to head out to Belfort. There was a guy that was waiting outside the hotel with all of his Cypress Hill vinyl and I do mean all which included 12-inch singles, all original pressings of the albums versions that were sold in Europe and even a few of our solo albums. I was impressed with just that but when really impressed me is seeing some of our autographs from years ago and how this day, he will have gotten all the rest of the albums signed to have his collection complete. Just so you are really following me on this, for example, there was a “Cypress Hill IV” album he had that was just signed by Muggs and now he was able to complete it with B, Sen and myself. Basically, this had been a 10+ year mission for him and he finally did it. I don’t remember his name but he was so happy, his eyes were watering up because of what was happening. I think this moment is something that I myself, will never forget. It took me back to Lollapalooza ’94 when I was playing with the Beastie Boys and George Clinton w/ Parliament-Funkadelic were on the tour as well. Just for the record, my favorite group growing up was Parliament-Funkadelic so to be on tour with them was epic for me. Well, at the final show of the tour, I brought all of my vinyl of all the records I had owned. Now, i didn’t have every single album like our Parisian fan but it was a pretty big stack. I went on his bus and walked to the very back to where he was chillin out at. I said to him, “Mr. Clinton, it would be an honor for me as a fan if you could sign my albums.” He smiled and took the stack, then started looking carefully at the albums. He then looked up at me and said, “Bobo, these ain’t no reissues. These are the original pressings from when they first came out.” I replied, “That’s right!! They are OG!!” He then began to sign all of them and draw something different on every album cover. This lasted like 20 minutes. Those albums have never been played again because they are sacred to me. I bet our Parisian fan had a very similar feeling as I did. The big difference is that I did it in a day and his mission took many years. After we all signed the albums, we were off on our trip to Belfort.

This festival line-up was more like the last one with a few exceptions. I didn’t know until we got there that the one coming on after us was Jack White. You may know him from the White Stripes but he’s done solo stuff and did a project with Danger Mouse and Norah Jones that is really dope, in my opinion. I wanted to check out his show and meet him because I am a fan of his. He is a dope musician that plays a bunch of different instruments and he has hits. I realized that I knew his tour manager Bill Ramey, who used to tour manage The Beastie Boys when I was playing with them back in the day. Seeing Bill was a bit bittersweet because a week or so before, we had lost Adam “MCA” Yauch. We got a chance to share some of our memories of Adam, which were good ones of course, but his passing did hit me kinda hard. Without The Beastie Boys, I wouldn’t have met Cypress Hill the way that I did because CH opened up for the B-Boys “Check Your Head” tour back in 1992 while I was with the Beasties. For about 3 years, I was playing in both the Beasties and CH before I went with the Hill full time. Fast forward, I had told Bill that I wanted to meet Jack White if possible and he hooked it up no problem. Jack is a cool dude and he is a Cypress fan. We didn’t take a pic or anything like that but we chopped it up a little bit & I’m sure it wont be the last time that we cross paths. That’s the beauty of these festivals in Europe because to tell you the truth, this is where we see a lot of our friends in other bands and see other groups that you don’t have the time to see because of being on the road.

As for the show, we rocked it!! Thanks Belfort for the love. Until the next time…..

R.I.P. MCA – You are missed!!

Next Stop: Madrid, Spain