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Eric Bobo - Tales From The Road

Tales From The Road 2012 – La Riviera – Madrid, Spain (7/3/12)

Cypress has played in Madrid a bunch of times throughout the years but I never really saw too much of it as far as the popular sites or just getting the vibe of the city. The city became close to … Continue reading



Cypress has played in Madrid a bunch of times throughout the years but I never really saw too much of it as far as the popular sites or just getting the vibe of the city. The city became close to me in the summer of 2010 when I reunited with a special person in my life while we were here to perform at the Rock in Rio festival with Rage Against The Machine & Jane’s Addiction. In late 2010, I came back here and stayed for two months with her and she later became my wife. It was the first time really spending that much time in Europe outside of touring so it was an incredible experience for me. Madrid became even more special for me because this is where my son was born. We left Spain in 2011 and I hadn’t been back since so it was great to be back and also catch up with the friends I had made while I was here.

Being that we arrived on a day off and that we were very low on the herbals, I told the guys not to worry because I knew some people out here so not to worry. Some of the crew were kind of skeptical about me coming through for some reason, forgetting that I lived here for a little time. Now, to be fair and a little funny, on this tour, our tour manager Enas did drop the ball a couple of times as far as the herbals and the quality so I had to show how it was done. Hahaha. Needless to say, my homies came by the hotel and we went up to B’s room. The homies came through with a bud that was about 10 inches long and pretty thick (I can hear the jokes right now). The session was pretty heavy and the guys had to admit that I came through big time. They didn’t know that I had even better stuff coming later. Being in a group that is associated with the greenery does have its advantages. LOL!! Big ups to the homies Luciano, Gustavo and the Hip Hop Shop for coming through!!

It was a beautiful day for the concert and we would be doing our own show tonight which was a welcome change. The last few times that CH performed here were for festivals. What I didn’t realize was that in some ways, it was turning out like being a show back in L.A. All the people I knew here wanted to go to the show, which meant a larger than normal guest list. I definitely don’t miss that kind of day of show drama of people blowing up my phone on the day of the show to get their “me + 5″ ticket/pass request in. This wasn’t as bad as that but I’m just giving an example of how it sometimes gets. Even with that, I knew that tonight would be a dope show. Our show was around 10pm so there was time to chill out during the day and I took full advantage of that with going with my other homie Fidel to the Museo de Jamon. I was looking for Sen to come with us because he has been craving some good Jamon (ham in Spanish) and here in Spain, you can find some of the best tasting ham in probably the world but he was nowhere to be found. Anyway, this place is wall to wall with legs of ham and you can just stand at the bar and order pan con jamon (bread with ham) and a beer, soda even wine if you choose. Fidel and I went through 2 plates of ham. Good stuff!! After all that, I went back to the hotel to catch up with the guys, get lifted and chill out until it was time to leave for our soundcheck.

The venue was a pretty nice sized place which had two levels. It wasn’t the nicest looking venue but it would do the job. When we got there, there were a few people already waiting for pics and autographs. We basically were going to stay there until showtime so it was time to get comfortable. The one thing that I noticed was that for our dressing room there wasn’t any ham, which I had assured Sen that there would be but no such luck which was a bit disappointing. In any case, we just chilled until it was time for the show. Since we didn’t have an opening act, our crew didn’t have to worry about to set the stage back up so they were able to chill too. With all the extra time on our hands, what else could we possibly do??? I don’t really have to answer that, do I?? Let me get on to the show.

Our shows in Spain have always been live and even though the crowd was not to capacity, it sounded like a festival in there. Another thing is that being that Spanish is the mother tongue, we fit in perfectly since we have songs with Spanish lyrics, as you all should know. When B did “Yo Quiero Fumar” aka “I Wanna Get High”, the crowd sung so loud, B really didn’t have to do his verse. It was a pretty cool moment. Also, when Sen has his solo spot with both “Latin Thugs” and “Latin Lingo”, the crowd were loving it. The one song that is surprisingly very popular and has been requested many times over the years is “Tequila Sunrise”. I don’t know why but I do know that “Cypress Hill IV” was very popular here in Europe so we are pretty safe with doing songs from that record with no problem. Of course “Dr. Greenthumb” is a crowd favorite too!! The European crowds have also been receptive to the dubstep songs. My take on the Dubstep genre is that like any other genre, there’s good stuff and there’s bad stuff. Hip Hop can mix well with Dubstep especially for MC’s because of the flow and rhythm of the music. While there are some MC’s that have done some Dubstep and some Alternative groups like Korn, I think that the “Cypress X Rusko” EP is worth a listen and I’m not being biased at all. I believe for the sake of experimenting with it, B and Sen were able to put their flavor on it without it being something forced. I know that we have our fans that don’t like it and fans that do, but it’s all in the art of making music, experimenting with different sounds and evolving.

After the show, the dressing room was packed with people. It seemed that Rhianna’s band and dancers came to the show since she had cancelled her performance at the Rock in Rio festival due to a death in her family. They were chilling with us and they were enjoying the herbals. I heard that Rhianna likes the herb so she would’ve felt right at home. Another one of my friends came thru to the show with some extra goodies for me. Lets just say that Cypress has never experienced Spain like this because to be honest, there was never any good herb here but now there are Cannibis clubs so the quality level has gone way up. After a while, it was time to head back to the hotel and after a dope show like tonight, all that was left to do was chill and relax because we had the next 2 days off. Gotta love that, right?? Gracias Madrid for your energy and making me personally feel like I was at home. I have my ties here so I know whether it’s on tour or on vacation with the family, I will be back!!

Next Stop: Ibiza, Spain