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TBT : Tha Dogg Pound – “What Would You Do” (Murder Was The Case Soundtrack)



It’s Throw Back Thursdays bitches! Let me continue our TBT session with …!?! Tha Dogg Poung! When Dogg Food came out in 1995, it was huge! One of these albums that you listen from beginning to end and feel like you’re in Long Beach! Especially for someone like me growing up in Europe, I felt like the toughest girl around my way bumpin’ them in my Walkman and wearing my Dogg Pound hoodie! Tomeboy much? Indeed! I would swag it out in front of my mirror mimicking Daz and Kurupt, throwing signs… Well…Ok… I still do that 🙂
But this track today, “What Would You Do”, was off the Murder Was The Case Soundtrack (1994), which was also pretty huge.