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Roc-A-Fella Reunion Show (Review)



Dec. 19th was the day of the highly anticipated Roc A Fella Reunion show at Gramercy Theater in NYC.

Outside, it was hectic, as expected. The whole Philly came in town, everybody knew each other, everybody was on the list, everybody was supposedly important, cutting the line, loud for no reason, a real zoo.

Freeway and Bleek came in by the regular main entrance like it’s nothing! Just a little entourage, nothing crazy. Yasiin Bey walked out to make a phone call… And for those who are interested, Mel Carter was spotted outside trying to get in.

Doors opened kinda sorta late and they started the show even later. Once inside, I notice the crowd: 80s baby and older, so I was like, yes!! No kids, no pissy drunk high school girls in sight, this crowd was ready to hear some bangers and have mad fun!

The legendary voice of the Roc: Pain In Da Ass, opened the show, shit was crazy!  “Okaaaay I Reload Iiiiit!!!”, “Here Comes The Pain!!!” What!!!?? Wow! I was thinking, OMG this is going to be epic… But then the show starts and you can tell from the first song if a show is gonna be dope…or else.

Young Gunz came on first and you can feel the crowd go crazy welcoming them, but then…it kinda went from crazy to lukewarm. The Gunnerz went hard though, but didn’t perform only the famous tracks, so the crowd was just standing there, only real fans know the “albums tracks”. Like me, lol.

Next up, Freeway! Chris & Neef introduced him with a song they have together. Freeway walked in like it was war time! The crowd screamed for a sec and then, here come the posing again. They were just waiting for “Flipside” let’s be honest. I don’t know what it was, but the whole time I was thinking about these words of experience from Busta: “You give the crowd what you receive from them, but it’s also your job to rock them!” Freeway definitely got that vibe for a few records and was like “Yo Blaze, next track, I don’t think they ready for this one.”
How can you NOT be ready when Freeway drops “All My Life” featuring Nate Dogg??? Like, how!?! AND Just Blaze is right there on the 1s & 2s, like really? Come on people…!!!
Free got a few guests with him: Mighty Mos Def! OOoaaaaww shiiit !!! They did “Two Words” of course, swell as hell! I was happy yo!

Free also brought (should I say it…?) Beanie’s…son. Ok let’s move on. To wrap up his set, he called the homie Peedi Peedi aka Peedi Crack, whatever, lol, who took over for a few tracks. “Rrrriiiiiiinnnngggg!!!” Shit was real!

Next up, Bleek! Bleek was definitely chillin! His hype man was crazier than him, he actually  told him a couple times: “Yo, chill! I know you’re hype and all, but you need to chill!” Oooops haha! Little errors was also part of the show, some were off beat, and Bleek said: “You guys are killing me! You messin’ up my shit!”. That is why there is something called rehearsals thought! Some rappers should consider using it more than necessary…

But let’s move on. Memph did his thing: “Memphis Bleek Is”, “Like That”, “Infatuated”, etc. He brought Nore. Now, let me tell you something about Nore… Either he forgot his lyrics or he was lazy ass fuck, but all I heard was “mumble, mumble, mumble…”, plus, he let the crowd sing for the most part, it was odd. But hey, thanx for coming Nore! Bleek probably brought someone else, but I can’t remember right now, I’m tired 🙂

It was pretty surreal to see all of them on stage, one after another, boom, boom, boom! Their voices sounded exactly like on the records and I can’t say that for all these new artists… But anyways, overall dope show! As for the crowd? Maybe NYC is so used to see shows like that, that they didn’t go hard like I thought they would. And they probably came down there just to see if Jay would show up…SMH.

In this video (that does NOT belong to BREALTV) you can see what I mean when I talk about the crowd just standin’ there.