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Eric Bobo’sTales From The Road : The Cuban Club – Tampa, Florida – 11/16/12



We didn’t have to leave Orlando to Tampa until 12pm since the drive wasn’t too long. We basically went straight to the venue since we wouldn’t have hotel rooms until after the show so we could shower up. The last time we were here was just a few months ago with Sublime but it’s been way too long since we’ve had our own headlining show here. For some reason, it’s been years since we’ve had our own shows here in Florida so these shows are like a reconnection to our fans in the Sunshine state. I think this whole tour is a reconnection with our fans in the U.S. since we’ve been touring everywhere else for the past several years and have only done festivals or be on someone else’s tour in the U.S. during this time.

We only had day rooms for today since we weren’t staying in Tampa. If you don’t know exactly what day rooms are, basically they are hotel rooms used as pit stops so you can shower, handle your business and be clean. This works out when you have a long drive and you wouldn’t be getting to a shower until many hours later or if the venue doesn’t have a shower. I mean, 9 guys after a 90-minute show with no shower before heading out to the next town could be toxic for everyone on the bus. Cypress ain’t that funky!! Since there wasn’t too much to do, we all just kicked it on the bus and endulged in the herbals.

After the last show in Orlando, I was expecting another live crowd in Tampa. Like I had said in the last story, Orlando was gonna be a hard crowd to beat but I wasn’t going to not give Tampa a chance. From what I was hearing, they were ready for the Hill and we were ready for them We came out blazing and they were real receptive. One thing that I noticed was the amount of smoke that was hovering over the crowd. Now, for those who don’t know, Florida is a state that really doesn’t take too kindly to marijuana and just getting caught with a little bit could be a bad situation. It seemed that the minute we took the stage, people just started lighting up. This isn’t to say that this is something new for people to be lighting up for a Cypress Hill show but for example, for the people in the front row, at least half of this row started lighting up at the same time. That was definitely a funny sight to see. It was like this was the moment that they’ve been talking about all week and it was finally happening.

I was still feeling sluggish during the show. I mean, I did my job but I know when I’m on point and so far, I haven’t been. I can be honest with you as I’m honest with myself when I say this. I think I’m in the “thinking about it too much” stage and not letting it flow. We had a good show nevertheless and we have found our stride again. It really never takes us that long anyway. One thing that was really working were the dubstep songs. It seems that Florida likes their dubstep. We usually do just 2 of the songs from the “Cypress X Rusko” EP but since the reception was so good, we hit them with another one. By the time we got to “Rock Superstar” they were going nuts!! I think that this crowd was a bit too high to start off crazy like Orlando did but they sure ended out strong. Like the saying goes, “it’s not how you start the game, it’s how you finish!” or something like that.

After the show, it was off to the day rooms to shower up and get ready for the long ride. Tampa was a good show and our time in Florida was great. Hopefully we won’t be away for so long. For some reason, I think we will be back sooner than later.


Next Stop: Atlanta, Georgia

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