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Eric Bobo Tales From The Road – The Tabernacle – Atlanta, Georgia – 11/17/12



The road to Atlanta from Tampa was about 8-9 hours and again we would just have day rooms so after a couple of truck stops to refuel and have those necessary bathroom breaks, we drove straight to the venue. We played this spot when we were on tour with Slightly Stoopid a couple of years back. Being that the name of the venue is the Tabernacle, I don’t know if it originally was a church or what. By the way it looks on the inside, it looks more like a place for plays and concerts. We arrived there early and the crew waited for the working crew of the venue to get there so they can start with the load in. A few of us walked a couple of blocks to this breakfast spot to grub while the rest stayed sleeping. I will add to all of this that it was really cold in Atlanta so I wouldn’t be spending too much time outside. My whole day basically was on the bus until it was show time. This is like when you are in your house all day in your pj’s and just watch tv, get on the Internet, eat and smoke, if that is something you do. To some, this would seem boring but in my opinion, this is a welcome chill out time when you are going at a crazy pace as we do at times.

On the bus, it’s funny sometimes to look around and see everyone on their iPhones. This crew is a bunch of Instagram addicts and by no means am I excluding myself but it is true. I think the social media is at an all time high with the Hill but this isn’t something that is new. Back in the 90’s, both B and I would write tour journals called “Soldier Stories” and it would be featured on our website. What was cool about it was that you would get two different stories about the same day. You can say we were blogging before blogging was popular. It just seems natural to start doing this again with all the social media that can reach millions of people around the world through text, pictures & video. So with the crew & Instagram, it’s interesting to see different aspects from the same trip because not everyone is doing the same thing. Unfortunately I’m the only one writing the tour journals this time around but B is always posting things on Socialcam, Instagram and of course and the rest of the crew also does stuff as well. We really didn’t have plans to hang out in the dressing room before the show so we got all the food & drink from the dressing room and brought it on the bus. So with college football on tv, music, food, herbals, drink, herbals, games, instagram, twitter, herbals……you get the point. It was a “stay on the bus until show time” type of day.

It was about that time to hit the stage, which has been around 10pm every night. Atlanta has always been a good spot for us and we stop here just about every U.S. tour we’ve done. We came out strong and the crowd was alive. We didn’t change up the set too much but the set is pretty strong. It definitely was very smoky too. I can’t say that there were any standout moments but all in all, it was a good show for us. Before I forget to mention it, I finally got a chance to watch Action Bronson’s whole show. He has some bangers for sure and he sounds the same rapping live as he does on record, which is a big plus. I think once he gets the road experience and puts the show together a little tighter, it will be 100%. I can only imagine what his show would be like with a DJ that’s cutting and scratching as opposed to one pushing play and stop. No disrespect, but a hip hop show ain’t 100% without a true DJ. In any case, it was a good night but we had a long drive ahead of us so we didn’t really hang around for too long. Big ups to Atlanta for always coming out and supporting the Hill. We will be back soon to rock with you guys again!!!

Next Stop: New Orleans, Louisiana

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