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Eric Bobo - Tales From The Road

Eric Bobo’s Tales From The Road – House of Blues – New Orleans, Louisiana – 11/18/12



It has been a while since we’ve played here in New Orleans. I think the last time was for the Voodoo Festival some years back. It is the first time since Hurricane Katrina that’s for sure. I was anxious to see how the city was coming along since the hurricane. I have been here plenty of times with both Cypress & the Beasties and pretty much all of those times, I have been faded on my ass, walking down the famous Bourbon Street with a Hurricane, which is the local drink, in my hand. I’ve always had fun in this city so I am hoping to see things getting back to how it was. We were arriving there on a day off so we had some time to chill and check things out. This time, I wouldn’t be faded off my ass in a drunk sense since I don’t really drink much anymore except for some red wine and I don’t think I’ll be hitting Bourbon St. since in my opinion, Bourbon St. is much more fun when you are drunk. Like I said, that is just my personal opinion.

We get there on a nice day and we are staying in the French Quarter. Things are up and running of course but there were still a lot of places that were still closed from the hurricane. The other cool thing is that we were walking distance from the venue, which means more chill time at the hotel. I didn’t do too much of anything and I think it was the same for everyone else. We had our usual smoke session but on days off, everyone is doing different stuff like walking around site seeing or at a restaurant or movie. Since nothing really eventful happened on the day off, let’s just jump to the day of the show.

The House of Blues in New Orleans is probably the smallest out of all the HOB’s in the U.S. This isn’t saying that it’s not a cool spot but I’m just saying this for description purposes. I’ve seen a couple of shows here like Buddy Guy and Jill Scott and its a good sounding venue so I was amped for the show. To start off the day, I met up with Julio G. to get some breakfast. Now, I didn’t expect that this particular breakfast would renew my love for pancakes. I haven’t had pancakes in at least a year & 1/2 and I have been on a different diet but I wanted something different from what I was always having. All I got was a half-stack and they were incredible!! I knew I was in trouble with the pancakes after that. Julio was saying the same thing so at least, I wasn’t alone in this. After breakfast, we caught an upliftment session then I just chilled in my room before I walked over to the venue. Can’t beat walking 2 blocks to your job, eh?? I missed out on the House of Blues grub though.

The place was pretty smoky when I got there. Action Bronson was on stage and the people were giving it up for him. I only watched a couple of songs before I started to get myself together for the show. I havent really gotten a chance to chop it up with Action Bronson but in Atlanta, I was hanging out a bit in his dressing room with The Alchemist, who was out doing some of the shows with him since they just dropped a new mixtape/album colaboration, which I would highly advise you all to get it and it’s free. Since Action Bronson is a certified chef, I was hoping he was gonna cook something up for the tour. We will see what happens with that. Basically, all there was to do was hit the stage, which we did at our start time of 10pm.

New Orleans was alive for the Hill especially with the fact of us not having our own headlining show there in years. We came out strong and I think that we are finally getting back into our stride. I don’t think the crowd had any clue that our show would be that solid. We would like to think that as a band, we aren’t just giving you the same walking back & forth across the stage and stopping in the middle of the first verse to “rewind it back” type of show. Even back in the early days when our show wasn’t as fine tuned as it is now, the one similar thing between then and now is the onstage energy. Now, the show is cohesive, the energy is maximum and the smoke clouds are as big as ever if not more!! Also, having DB killing it on the lights, even the look of the show is on point. I also think that tonight was a tight show for us because there were bearly any musical mistakes on our part. I mean, there’s a bunch of times where we are making mistakes all over the place & the crowd doesn’t even know it. We laugh those off when we get off of stage but the objective is to always perform at your best and learn how to recover from your mistakes before it gets too noticeable to the crowd. In any case, we did rock the show!!

We didn’t stay too long after the show. A few of us just walked back to the hotel instead of waiting on the bus. We had a nice long trek ahead of us and we had a 4am bus call. Yes, you read that right but it’s not as bad as it seems. The thing that you have to be careful of is going to sleep and missing that bus or lobby call because the bus really doesn’t wait when we have a schedule to keep but we are all pros so that kind of thing happens on the minimum. Big ups to the fans in New Orleans for being live and for the support throughout the years. Best believe, we will be back!!!

Next Stop: Houston, Texas

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