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Eric Bobo - Tales From The Road

Eric Bobo’s Tales From The Road – The Scout Bar – Houston, Texas – 11/19/12



Houston is a cool spot, not as big as Dallas but things are going on down here. The majority of times when we’ve played in Houston is during the summer time when it’s crazy hot so it’s nice to play here with normal temperatures. We arrived there in the early afternoon and we were staying the night so we had some hotel chill time. There’s also bus chill time but sometimes the king size bed wins over my bunk in the bus. That’s understandable, right?? Anyway, I stayed in my room until about 6pm when our tour manager Enas sent over a “runner” from the venue to get me from the hotel. I don’t know if some of you know what I mean by a runner so I will explain real quick. A runner is a person assigned from the venue to be there to do little errands or get things that the band may need or want. Now, maybe some of you are thinking that they are the ones who can also score the herbals for the band. That isn’t the case but that’s not saying that they wouldn’t help you if you asked but it’s not really the norm to go that route.

We were playing at this venue called the Scout Bar and from what I heard, it was a medium sized place but it is a popular spot to see shows according to what i heard. Dougie, my drum tech, told me that the sound for me wasn’t going to be the best because of not having a subwoofer. I’ve played on the wackest equipment with the worst sound, the objective is still the same, we got to rock the house no matter what. B, Sen & myself then had an Instore signing to do at this smoke shop called BC Smokeshop. It wasnt too far away from the venue so that was a cool thing. This smoke shop had some nice pieces. It seems that the new wave of glass blowers are really doing some different styles. At the end of the day though, the piece can look good but it needs to smoke good. After we got back, I got a nice power nap in before the show which is seeming to be the norm for me now. Maybe I’ve gotten too used to those Latin American “siestas”. As long as I wake up with enough time to get myself together for the show, it’s all good. It’s when you wake up and you have to be on stage in 5 minutes is when you have to worry.

It was about that time to hit the stage and we were ready for them. It’s crazy that it’s really been this long that we hadn’t headlined our own tour in the U.S. We have been on other bands tours, which is cool and it’s fun, but the fans that come see us aren’t getting the full CH experience since we are usually doing a 45-50 minute set when our full set is 90 minutes. So it’s great to finally be able to give our fans stateside the full show and reconnect with our U.S. fans. We have felt the love throughout the tour so far and the crowds have been giving it up. Personally for me, the weed medley is one of my favorite parts of the show and not because I get a smoke break. The flow with the songs are on point and the crowd loves it.. Julio G. hooked that up and it’s been winning every night and every where. All in all, we had a great show & we have got our tour groove back. I’m hoping that it doesn’t take another few years before we do our own show here in Houston.

After the show, we didn’t really hang out at the venue for long. We got back to the hotel and some of the fellas went to the bar. I just got showered up then chilled out. How exciting, right?? We didn’t have a long drive so I could get some good rest. Well, thanks to the fans in Houston and we hope to return soon to rock for y’all.

Next Stop: Austin, TX.

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