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The Game and Redman at the 2013 HIGH TIMES LA Cup



The Doctor, had the chance to head out to the “High Times LA Cannabis Cup” yesterday along with Dj Lenny “2 times” Ducano & former co-host Nasty Bags.. To the doctors surprise, there were a lot of people in attendance. It was thrown at the NOS Center.. The site of the Legendary “Cypress Hill Smoke Out”. I thought this was a gamble, to put on the event out in San Bernardino, but the gamble proved to be a winning bet. The lay out was great and it seemed to go off with no problems. Needless to say the doctor was being handed new medication left and right, and all the medication was top notch. The trend i’ve noticed within the last few years at events like this, is that a lot of people have moved away from smoking the flower, to just smoking concentrates.. It was “Dab City” (dab city bitch dab dab city bitch) I for one can never truly phase out there flower but these young folks can do whatever they want.. just don;t come to me later and say “Doctor, my lungs are shit because of dabbed myself to death”.. Not all dabs are good dabs.. they must be super clean concentrates and not all that make it, clean it thoroughly.. Nevertheless, the event was great! Later on in the evening, RedMan aka THE fUNK DR SPOCK & EL JUEGO aka The Game performed and ripped the stage for all the dabbed out stoners.. Here’s a small part of what was going down.