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Eric Bobo - Tales From The Road

Eric Bobo’s Tales From The Road – Gasometer – Vienna, Austria – 6/1/10



What’s good everyone!!  After a little break, I thought I would post a throwback “Tales From The Road” story after going back and re-reading some of them.  I found a good bunch of them so from time to time I will post some stories from back in the day.  Here is one that I found from 2010 when we started our Europe tour for the “Rise Up” album.  Enjoy !!


Back again with another edition of “Tales From The Road”.  This time around, we are doing a European tour so I’m sure there’s gonna be some fun & funny moments that I’ll have to share.  When B & I would write our “Soldier Stories” back in the day, the stories that would stick out to me would be the ones from Europe.  I’m not trying to over hype these upcoming stories but I have a feeling that I’m gonna have a lot of fun writing these tales.  I hope you enjoy them.  With that being said, let me start.

For as long as I have been touring, I’ve loved coming to Europe.  I’ve always admired the culture that Europe has, or should I say, all the different cultures. There’s also something to be said about European fans.  They stick with you as long as you continue to come out & tour.  The festivals out here are like no other.  The best American festivals like Coachella & Lollapalooza have all been modeled by the European ones.  With that said, when I knew that we were gonna hit the European festival circuit this year, I was amped!!  We would also be doing our own headlining shows.  Vienna is our first stop.  I’ve always had a good time in Austria, that’s probably why a lot of those memories are kinda blurry. The flight over here wasn’t as bad as I wouldve thought considering us having a 3 hour layover in London.  Flying in a day before the show is a plus too.  My objective was to stay up & go to sleep at a normal time like I would at home.  It helps with the jet lag.  After showering & chillin in my room for a few hours, I decided to hit up Sen to see if he was at the bar.  Him, J.J., Julio G. & Young De were at this Aussie bar down the way from the hotel so I met up with them.  The bar was gonna close soon but I got a beer, which kinda messed me up.  The alcohol in that beer mustve been triple than what I’m used to.  One was all I needed.  I wish I could remember the name of the beer.  Anyway, it was a cool bar & soon we were headed back to the hotel.  Sen wanted to hit another spot but we all agreed that we shouldn’t get too messed up the first night.  We have a long time to be out here so the opportunity will come again.

I woke up, got a workout in, got some breakfast, then I was ready for the 3 hours of interviews that we had to do.  I think the interviewers could tell that we were a bit tired but we got thru them.  It was then time to get to the venue & meet the tour bus!!!

In the past, the European buses have kinda sucked.  They are either too narrow, not enough lounge space or the bunks were uncomfortable.  Times have changed because our bus is pimped out on the inside.  Basically there was a good use of space with the lounges.  The seats were comfortable & there were two luggage spots for all our backpacks & stuff.  This is a good sign!!

We get to the gig & the place is pretty big.  4000 tickets were sold but I don’t know if it was sold out.  I got a chance to see our new stage setup.  Pretty nice!!!  I’ll post pics so I don’t have to waste time describing it here.  After a little soundcheck & some grub, it was back to the dressing room.  The smell of herbs were in the air.  It wasn’t too bad either.  We had a little meet & greet, then it was time to get ready for the show.

The crowd was ready & loud.  We came out blazing!!  It was pretty hot in there but my fan was really helping me out.  We basically played the set from the recent Southwest tour but now we have a lighting guy with us so the look & lighting are different so its not the same show.  The one big difference was the DJ/percussion solo between Julio G. & I.  We did something completely different & it worked!!  What was really dope about it was that we never rehearsed it.  I kinda borrowed an idea from my project with DJ Rhettmatic.  It really came off & once we get it tight, its gonna be on!!  B messed up on “Dr. Greenthumb” but it was an easy recovery.  All in all, it was a great first show & it set the tone of what’s to come.  With upcoming shows with Jay-Z, RATM, Jane’s Addiction & even KISS on this tour, we have to be on our A+ game.

Well, it was back to the hotel.  On the ride back, we discovered that it was past midnight, which officially made it B’s birthday.  So we all just partied a little on the way back to the hotel.  I think at the next show, maybe we will do it a little bigger.  For now, all I needed was my room key because I was spent.  Tomorrow is another day.


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