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Nubi – “Pour Nous Même” Feat. Deen Burbigo



One of my favorite French MC, Nubi (aka Nubi Sale) drops a new visual with Deen Burbigo “Pour Nous Même” (For Ourselves), brought to you by Wrung clothing.
Nubi has been doing his thing for a minute now, putting his city Evry and its zip code, 91 (a pretty violent suburb near Paris) on the map!
Nubi represents “Le Ter Ter”, slang for the hood, the bloc, the streets! A way of life that he named “Scarlatitude” (are you ready for the translation?) Scarlatitude is Scarla: “lascar” spelled backwords, which would the equivalent of thug, and attitude put together. Nubi always find a poetical way to express his raw and dark lyrics and manages to deliver very smart play on words over pretty good beats.