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#teamhighrisk my ex has gone missing #first48



I’m a combat arms paratrooper in States of ‘Merika and my updates will attempt to chronicle the events that led me to being classified as “high risk”. #teamhighrisk, a motley group of misfits, is either my support system or I’m just their excuse to participate in debauchery. This has yet to be determined. This is our story.



Shit got real…It has been 48 hours since anyone has seen her. I just finished filing the missing persons report on her. I’m #guilty of giving a fuck and calling around, went by her house, talked to some neighbors. #teamhighrisk members Coach Dean, Mamma Bear, Boss, Hello Kitty and Gypsy Soul aka “Unicorn” are helping out with my daughter and “the search”. So far Unicorn has kept me from going homicidal. I’m not exactly sure if I should even be writing this to be honest. Fuck it though, the circumstantial evidence #teamhighrisk has been able to gather so far is as follows.

6:23 a.m.

Last time anyone physically saw her was when she dropped off our daughter at a 24hr daycare.

8:34 p.m.

Via text message conversations between them. The whore pack she roams with report that she had a date, an engagement, a soiree if you will, with an older gentleman. (See for background

10:15 p.m.

She cancels a babysitting job she had lined up the next day for another member of the sodomizing sisterhood because she is “too stressed.”

Unknown time.

She texts the leader of the cunt covenant that she was in fact concerned for her own safety. “This guy is controlling”. Then nothing, complete radio silence after that last text. Working now to confirm exactly what time this text was sent.

My gut tells me she’s candy flipping in a motel 6. Maybe she murked someone accidentally via erotic asphyxiation and now she’s on the run? Maybe she’s actually in trouble… I’m walking a fine line here.. all jokes aside, I’m concerned. I’m not entirely sure what to do, blogging about it doesn’t seem like the greatest idea so I’m taking all suggestions. Boss says I’m not lucky enough for this bitch to be dead. In other news, da- da-da-da-da…it’s my birthday.

to be continued?

I need a drink.

Soundtrack for me losing my mind:″””””