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The Chester Ray Chronicles #leagueshit



Chester Ray is an OG #teamhighrisk member… He’s basically America’s worst nightmare, young, black and doesn’t give a fuck. He spent the majority of his life bleedin blocks on the east side of Austin. However, he’s also a go to enforcer for local show promoters. He is that “somebody” when you say I know somebody that knows somebody… This has given him alot of access to hip hop artists due to Austin being a consistent underground rap tour stop, not to mention SXSW or ACL.. Chester Ray has stories for days about rappers and their entourages, not to mention various hood shenanigans. Therefore these stories will not be your typical albums reviews… but still fall under the category of R.N.S

#teamhighrisk presents: “The Chester Ray Chronicles”



It’s like 2006.. 7… 8… I don’t fuckin know… Anyways, white boy from #teamhighrisk had asked me and my brother to pull security for a killer mike show he was throwing… that like no one showed up to.

Just like every underground rap show you’ve ever been to it was like the million man march of opening acts on the bill. Usually you have security to keep the fans away from the talent, not to keep the opening acts away from the headliner. Despite that, there were some real niggaz in the building. Rap duo Southbound, who I grew up on the south side… Like I straight shoplifted Guerilla Mob’s “Rise” with Slick Talk. That’s how far back we go… C.O.D… I taught Grezzo how to kick in doors… and Dred Skott… I can’t lie… I ain’t teach them shit.

Esbe was like the realest nigga ever… R.I.P…

Real talk though… I did tell them fools they should form a super group and name it the League of Extraordinary G’z… They decided to take my advice and now they on tour… doing tracks with Dead Prez and Grupo Fantasmo and shit… and I’m still waiting on the check. Aint that a bitch.

Back to the story of how I saved white boy’s life… It came time to bring the rest of the $ to Killer Mike at his hotel. We walking through the parking lot when we see a clique of Mexicans muggin.

I peep one of them hand off a revolver to the conquistador of the group. I guess they was feeling they selves. He raised his piece and bust some shots off in the air and yelling out a gretta. It was like the most stereotypical shit you’ve ever seen only thing missing was a sombrero and a donkey. I couldn’t let it pass. White boy was shook and started to dip quick looking like a mark.

So I’m thinking…

I need to take control of this here situation. So I do what any real Motha fucka would do… I rush these fools. As I run up, the trigger man passes the heat to his partner… certified bitch. I proceed to slide him like your grandma’s patio door… nigga out like the trash… like yo baby momma’s lights on the 29th… cooked like new year’s greens… sleep talking “momma I don’t wanna go to school”… fuck boy.

My brother Monk catches his partner in the chin… whole time white boy yelling like he doing something. We clean them bitches up, dump the pistol in the bushes and proceed on. White boy pale looking like he seen a ghost, trying to lecture us like we wrong… like I got an attitude problem.”]

We push on to Killer Mike’s hotel and handle the business at hand. 20’s on the table, 100’s on the floor Nomtalmbout… Quick turnaround and we get back right as Dred Skott takes the stage doing $4 blues, the official broke nigga anthem. I fucks with the updated version they put on this #leagueshit album.

Killer Mike hits the stage and crushes it

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We end the night in V.I.P with me giving Mike Bigga stock advice while Esbe freestyle’s his ass off and Cham asks me for a pic and bottle service. RNS

As far as the album goes. I’m thinking the Austin boys might finally be on to something.

Standout Tracks:

“Still Bigger” Feat Dead Prez. What more can i say?

“I’m alive” produced by Reggie Coby feat Grupo Fantasma.. how these fools got Grammy winners on this shit I don’t know. Regardless Reggie delivers his verse in his trademark style. The hook confuses the fuck out of me though.. can’t deiced if the league is trying to bring me to church or smoke PCP with pep squad during a highschool band halftime show. Regardless it bangs..

Maybe She’s right.. The second single, basically describing that ratchet hoe that knows you too well.

Iight i’m out. Next time I’m gonna hit yall up with the story about me saving this white girls life @ a Roots Concert while on mushrooms… Black David Hasselhoff up in this bitch, until then.

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