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PS4 beating Xbox One 3:1 on social media



A new report suggests that the PlayStation 4 is getting 40% more comments online than its rival, and less complaints.

The study was carried out by UK company Synthesio and found that not only are more people talking about the PlayStation 4 but the comments are three times as positive.

Synthesio has been monitoring social media sites, forums, and the comments sections of newspaper (no, we don’t know if that includes us!) since November, so that encompasses both the global Xbox One launch last week and the North American launch of the PlayStation 4 before that.

‘There is still a markedly higher level of online buzz [for the PS4] compared to the Xbox,’ Synthesio toldThe Telegraph.

Although the PlayStation 4 has been out for longer, and has had its own minor controversies over faulty hardware, it was found that almost half the comments about the Xbox One were about faulty hardware or TV connections.

‘Although the PS4 has only just had its European launch, there is still a markedly higher level of online buzz compared to the Xbox,’ said Synthesio’s Catriona Oldershaw.

‘The Xbox One has received criticism in some quarters due to hardware glitches, however, consumers are still very positive about the hand gesture and voice recognition upgrades,’ she added.

This seems slightly odd as the most comment report of hardware problems on the Xbox One is of afaulty disk drive, which seems a relatively small issue compared to disasters like the Red Ring of Death.

There also seems no mention from Synthesio of controversy over microtransactions and Microsoft’s bungled unveiling of the console, which are the more usual topics of discontent.

‘If the Xbox hadn’t experienced teething problems, we would have expected the proportion of positive comments to rival the PS4,’ said Oldershaw.

‘However, it is clear that the PS4 has a much more vocal online consumer base. The question is whether these online advocates help to drive sales.’

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