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B-Real on Reddit IamA March 7th at 12PM PST! Chat LIVE With B-REAL!




B-Real’s Reddit ASK ME ANYTHING (IamA)
Friday March 7th, 2014 @ 12PM PST

Calling all B-Real & Cypress Hill fans! On March 7th, B-Real is going to be participating in a Reddit Ask Me Anything Event(IamA). Once the event begins, B-Real will be creating a post on the IamA section of Reddit in which everyone can ask him questions. What makes this IamA especially exciting is the fact that we will be broadcasting B-Real responding to the questions LIVE from BREAL TV Studios! Go to Reddit and BREAL TV on Friday March 7th at 12PM PST and don’t forget to register on BREAL TV so you can chat LIVE with B in our chatroom.

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