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Man arrested after taunting police with weed on Instagram



In what will surely be a worrying development for criminals everywhere, it appears the police have started using the internet as a means of tracking down illegality.

Jeremy Clayton made this discovery the hard way last week after he was arrested for trying to sell marijuana to undercover police officers.

Cops got on Clayton’s trail after the 30-year-old posted photos on his Instagram account, with one appearing to show him holding a half-smoked joint while ‘flipping the bird’ at a picture of the local police chief.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said his attention was drawn to the ‘disrespectful’ pictures by a concerned citizen who had sent them in.

Undercover officers then managed to track down the man, who goes by the stage name J Dir D, where he offered to sell them cannabis on three separate occasions.

Clayton was eventually arrested at his South Carolina home for distribution of marijuana alongside a 24-year-old woman Margaret Rogers who was arrested for possession.

‘Once again the great citizens of Richland County stepped in to partner with the Department in the efforts to rid our communities of drugs,’ said Lott.

Clayton’s Facebook page and Instagram account both appear to pay a slightly bizarre homage to cannabis with dozens of pictures of him smoking jazz cigarettes, bongs and glass pipes while posting hashtags such as #Rastafarian, #LikeABoss and #StayHigh.