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450 Pound Behemoth Busted with Bud Stashed in His Fat Rolls



Where is your favorite stash spot? We all have one. Well one Florida man is going to have to come up with a better idea, after being arrested with pot stashed under his own stomach fat.

42-year-old Christopher Mitchell, known as ‘Biggie’ and ‘Fatboy’ was spotted by Volusia County deputies noticed he was sitting in the passenger seat of his accomplice’s car, not wearing a seat-belt. When originally stopped by police, Mitchell claimed he couldn’t wear a seat-belt because he was too fat.

Police became suspicious; as both Mitchell and the driver were very nervous, and there seemed to be excessive air-freshening products in the car. After running their names it was found that Mitchell had prior drug trafficking charges. At this point police decided to bring in a canine to search the pair and their car.

The search found cocaine, a handgun and $7000 cash in the car, but the most interesting find was on Mitchell’s person. Mitchell had 23 grams of cannabis stashed under ‘fat rolls’ in his stomach area.
The car’s driver was arrested for the cocaine; Mitchell was charged for the marijuana possession, and fined not wearing a seat-belt.

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