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Obama Offered a Joint in Denver!



President Barack Obama arrived in Denver earlier this week as part of a fundraising tour, during which he planned to brush elbows with locals and be seen out and about with local Democrats. While walking the streets, Obama may have thought things couldn’t get any more awkward; after one onlooker greeted the President wearing a mask shaped as a horse’s head. He would have been wrong.

Later that day, another on-lookers offered the President a hit of his joint. Luckily enough for us, this moment was caught on video. The Choom Gang veteran did a very good job of politely declining and moving on with a laugh.

He probably made the right choice politically… Or did he?

A red-eyed Obama, in a legalized state, would have been a hilarious, but welcomed, affirmation of the Federal Governments changing stance on the herb.

Obama’s tour is heading to Texas next, where he obviously won’t have to experience the same peer pressure.