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Sheik Reviews Jurassic 5 Word Of Mouth Reunion Tour



shiekVut the Fuck?! Sheik The Ruler has returned! Pleasure for me to I be back to I suplex and break everybody back to they be fuckin humble old country way like I do to that no good motherfucker the Eitans! The fucking legend went to the Word of Mouth Tour at the Greek Theatre, one of the my favorite groups was headlining and when I heard that I made sure I got tickets, I have never been able to see them live and I sure wasn’t going to miss the Jackson 5 this time! Also on the lineup was one of the B-Reals favorites the Dilated Pingas, MC Supernatural (Fuck the Debbie Deb, Supernat be the real freestyle King.) and last on the bill was the Junkies of the Beat a dj crew that consists of a bunch of Filipinos and Mr. Choc.


To open up the night while everyone was still buying the cold beer and doing ecstasy in the bathrooms at EDC, oh wait that was another show, ok I remember now the people were smoking the marijuana while the Junkies of The Beat opened up the night, they were mixing, scratching and cutting showing off their legendary turntable skills getting everybody pumped to they see the Jackson 5 later that night. As they finished DJ Melanie or Melo D whatever the fuck his name be stayed on the turntables to he DJ for the next act on the line up which was the Freestyle King of the Planet (but that be because that piece of garbage never faced me, I’m not the Juice or that Hollywood Blonde Gay Bar Bouncer Hoke Hogan, I can beat the fuck out of all em!) MC Supernatural. The MC Supernatural be the dope he freestyle his entire set. I’ve seen the Supernat perform before and he never disappoints, whenever I see him live my favorite part of his set be when he do the three MC’s where he impersonates Slick Rick, Notorious B.I.G., the Busta Rhymes all while freestyling and this night was no different he had the entire crowd ooohing and ahhhhing over his lyricism.


Up next was the Dilated Pingas, they started off their set with their first single “Good As Gone” Produced by the DJ Premier off the upcoming Directors of Photography album , later in the set they played another single titled “Show Me The Way” Feat. Aloe Blacc. They played all the classic Dilated material and rocked the stage with lots of energy as they usually do, towards the end of the set the Edivence did something no one has ever witnessed, he brought out his father and gave him a hug, he say it be his first ever time watching his son perform, it was beautiful I almost cry but then I remember I’m not a punk little gay like that jabroni B-Real.

Finally it was time for the moment I’ve been waiting for since the day my mommy would let me go out, it was time for the Jackson 5! When they came out I was confused, I could’ve swore that their was only one white guy in the Jackson 5 but their were 2 white guys on stage and they were on turntables, one of them was named Cut Chemist and the other was DJ Numark, not to be confused with the oldmark otherwise known as Markluv whos pushing 50. To add to that they had 4 MC’s by the names of Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Randy, ok ok they were Akil, Zaakir, Marc 7, and Chali 2na aka the fucking Giant Gonzalez. Heres an old pic Of Chali back in High School.


It was Jurassic 5 (I think they call themselves that cause they’re all over 40) They were fucking legendary bubba, everything and more I thought I’d witness. I thought I love Hip Hop but they made me to I fall in love with that shit all over again. They pretty much played their entire catalogue and rocked the stage all night, real MC’s, but the thing that blew my mind the most was in the middle of the set where the MC’s walk off stage for a bit and let Cut Chemist and Numark and get busy. They brought out all these different gadgets and toys (I thought I watching a live taping of “Talk Sex with Sue Johanson” or at one of Shaun Vizzys mothers Dildo parties I keep hearing about) and started making beats live, they also had this giant Turntable which I thought was nothing but a fuckin prop and they started scratching and cutting with that. It was an awesome show great Hip Hop with beautiful people enjoying all around, my 60 bucks was well spent………FUCK THE TONY MONTANA!