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Farewell to the “House of Blues” by Doug E. Douche



Before anyone gets all misty eyed, let me tell u a few things about HOB sunset. First this dump would charge top dollar for parking ($20.00) Secondly they are the earliest closing venue on the strip with all their shows ending at 11:00pm (Weak) also they serve weak overpriced drinks, and lastly good luck getting in without paying any less than ($25.00) to get in. So let’s recap, $45.00 before you even get in the door, another ($30.00) for a shirt if u want one, and you gotta have a few drinks if u choose to, let’s say 3 drinks, theres another ($30.00) if u tip ($40.00), So ur looking at about a $120.00) night per person, I dunno about you but I can think of a shitload of better things to do with my money then give it to these fucks. Everytime I’ve been to a show at this dump, here’s how I felt. Come in, spend money, now get the fuck out! So happy to see this corporate whack ass money pit get destroyed, Only wish I could swing the first hammer! FUCK H.O.B.

post by yours truly Dr. Greenthumb