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Korn’s Davis Reveals Plans for 20th Anniversary



Korn’s Jonathan Davis was recently interviewed by WMMR discussing the band recent run on the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival and their upcoming coming tour with Slipknot titled, “Prepare For Hell”. Davis also revealed upcoming plans for the bands 20th anniversary of their self-titled album.



Davis was quoted: “On festivals, we’re gonna play the first album in its entirety. We’re gonna start doing that. We’re even gonna play ‘Daddy.’ And I said I would never do it, but I’m gonna do it anyways. We’re gonna do the complete album in its entirety and then tag on some songs at the end of the show. So, it should be pretty cool, but it’s gonna be very stripped down.

I think we should capture what we were doing at that time when we were coming up. With our first album, we didn’t have any production; it was just one backdrop, so I think it’ll be kinda like that down-and-dirty cool old-school vibe, and we’ll do that first record…Once the 20th anniversary hits [October 11th,] we’ll start doing it.”


The Korn frontman also talks about hating the term, “Nu-Metal” and upcoming studio plans in the interview by simply clicking HERE!

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